Who is Trustworthy?

I am reading Thomas Sowell’s book ‘ Wealth , Poverty and Politics! An International Perspective.’

In one part of the book he was discussing human capital and various traits of various nationalities . Here is a small excerpt that is interesting:

‘ When  a dozen wallets with money and identification in them were deliberately left in public places in various cities around the world in 2013, the number returned with the money still in them varied from eleven out of twelve in Helsinki to one out of twelve in Lisbon. Moreover, the one that was returned in Lisbon was returned by a visitor from the Netherlands; no Portuguese returned any. In Rio de Janeiro, four were returned.

Earlier international tests of wallets with money in them by the Reader’s Digest found 67 percent of these wallets returned, with the money still there, in the United States, 70 percent in Stockholm, and 100 percent returned in Oslo (Norway) and in Odense (Denmark). In China 30 percent were returned, and in Mexico it was 21 percent.

Similar contrasts among nations were found in a five-year study of which United Nations diplomats paid their parking tickets in New York City, where diplomatic immunity shielded them from prosecution. Egypt, with 24 U.N. diplomats, had thousands of unpaid parking tickets during that five-year period. Meanwhile Canada, with the same number of U.N. diplomats as Egypt, had no unpaid parking tickets at all during the same five-year period. Nor did Britain, with 31 U.N. diplomats or Japan with 47 U.N. diplomats. ‘


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