Would You Like To Hear the Public Radio Headlines This Morning

I live in British Columbia.

This morning I listened at 7:30 to CBC Radio Vancouver.

Here are the headlines as I heard them:

1. The epidemic in drug overdoses continues , now up to 480 deaths this year. We need more facilities of all kinds . Supervised Safe injection sites are being demanded from Government in Victoria, Kamloops and Kelowna. And more detox centres demanded of Government and more other services.

2. The city  of Surrey needs more affordable housing. The Government must do more. People are on the streets . Empty houses are being invaded and people squatting there.  The Provincial  Government has promised one half billion dollars of new money .

3. Bats are dying . Some weird disease . The Government must do more to save the environment and save the bats.

4. The Government has taken a Metis child from its foster parents in BC.  It is about to send the child to Ontario to a non Metis family there where the child’s siblings live . It is implied that The Government is acting improperly.

5. The City of Chilliwack east of Vancouver has a serious homeless  problem. There are demands for Government to do more: more housing , more detox centres and possibly more supervised safe injection sites.

By the way, Vancouver and BC are among the most prosperous parts of Canada.

Interestingly, a new study by the McDonald  Laurier Institute shows Canada’s Justice System doing poorly with BC  scoring poorly compared to other Provinces . As a matter of fact the report shows less prosperous Provinces like PEI and Newfoundland doing better .

Of course, there was an international report on violence in the US but nothing on the recent murders throughout the metro area, Calgary and Toronto.


3 thoughts on “Would You Like To Hear the Public Radio Headlines This Morning

  1. I don’t think Singapore has near the drug problem as we do. All these safe injection sites do is enable more of the same. A certain percentage of the human population will always succumb to addiction. Best to focus on stopping the supply by draconian trafficing laws. Cheers, David

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