Here is the Province of British Columbia pushing for :

several large billion dollar (fossil fuel ) LNG plants , pipelines and all ;

with four active coal mines , 25 million tons produced in 2015, with long trains running hundreds of miles across the land with coal to a port just south of Vancouver, the Province’s single largest export;

pumping 20, 000 barrels of crude oil per day , with weekly oil tankers plying Vancouver harbour and more planned

4 billion cubic feet per day of natural gas produced ,  most of it now fracked gas

ten of thousands of kilometres of pipeline within the Province with more planned carrying oil and gas , a lot of  gas going across two Provinces and four US states .

with a second oil pipeline to the lower mainland from Alberta

Hundreds of millions of dollars generated for the Province and thousands of jobs .

And what?

The Province levys a carbon tax costing consumers seven more cents per litre at the pump?

And now the largest city in the Province plans to stop all fossil fuel use in all city buildings by 2050 ? 

The hypocrisy suffocates.

I wonder what amount of carbon money goes to Vancouver from Federal Provincial coffers ? Someone needs to do a calculation and subtract it from the total .

And that port and that airport that employs thousands and thousands of people generating millions of dollars of taxes but burns tons and tons of carbon? Are they to close , too? I mean how can you not? Buildings is just a humble beginning, n’est-ce pas?

Of course,  the airport is not in Vancouver , but the port is. All those cranes ? Yet, there ‘s  got to be a negative effect in Vancouver from all that carbon burning so close! And all those Vancouver employees? One must save them from themselves . Get them downtown singing green songs at the Art Gallery or collecting the vacant house tax or the foreign buyers tax . There are just so many taxes to collect , all those airport employees will have new jobs in no time. The state marches on !

What about the building materials used in those buildings?

Asphalt shingles surely must go. And how much else?

And asphalt streets are next ———roll them up! Ya gotta walk or peddle to UBC and up that hill to SFU.

And the dam bridges , how un green is that ?

All those movie trucks must move to Surrey!

Now those cars and trucks owned in the city and all those entering the city ?  Go electric or else! Never mind that some of that electricity flooded land and destroyed habitat. And those awful batteries!

The apocalypse is nye!

Nirvana ———calls!




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