Who Pays What of UN Budget; US Double Anyone Else

The UN ”s system of payment to the UN”s budget is based on a formula of ability to pay as determined by the UN.

For 2015 the US is assessed $654 million.

Next highest is Japan at $322million.

Germany at $212 million, France at $166, UK $154, China at $153 , Italy at $132. Canada is assessed at $88. These figures are from UN documents.

What is just as interesting is that according to the Heritage Foundation there are two dozen countries who pay at the minimum , $23 ,000 annually but get travel subsidies to travel to New York for the General  Assembly. When those subsidies are deducted from the annual assessments most of these countries pay between $500 and $1200 annually. Yet they have the same voting rights as the US.

Seems like at the very minimum there should be a new realistic minimum assessment that is much higher than $500 or $1200 a year.

Now we know why change is almost impossible : why increase the  price to ourselves when we have all the power we need for less.





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