So This is How You Run Confederation

True to Papa Trudeau form  , Baby Trudeau does the unilateral .

While Environment Ministers from all the Provinces and Territories and the Federal Government  are meeting to discuss national environmental policy, the Federal Government decides to announce a new national taxing program , a carbon tax, that will apply to all. A tax that will seriously affect the viability of resources that are under Provincial jurisdiction according to our Constitution. To show how pliant the Provinces have become and how uncanadian and disrespecting the customs and traditions of our country , only three Provinces walked out of the environment meeting. Thankfully there were three: Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland and Labrador. And in the latter two cases these two Provinces saw Baby Trudeau’s Liberals take all the seats in the last Federal Election.

Premier Brad Wall of Saskatchewan  said this about the surprise announcement:

‘I cannot believe that while the country’s environment ministers were meeting on a so-called collaborative climate change plan, the Prime Minister stood in the House of Commons and announced a carbon tax unilaterally.

This meeting is not worth the CO2 emissions it took for environment ministers to get there.

The level of disrespect shown by the Prime Minister and his government today is stunning. This is a betrayal of the statements made by the Prime Minister in Vancouver this March. And this new tax will damage our economy.’

Everything has come full circle . We are seeing again an assault on the nature and meaning of our Confederation. Papa Trudeau used unilateralism concerning the national energy program and the patriation  of the Constitution in the 1980’s . Baby Trudeau is following loyally in these footsteps with his talk of violating the present makeup of one of our major institutions , the Supreme Court and imposing a national carbon tax . He blithely tells us that any Province that refuses to agree to his plan or does not implement a comparable plan , that he will impose the Federal Plan. This is the low to which our country has fallen . Co-operative federalism is being dismantled .

The whole nature of our constitution is one of shared responsibilities as we see in federal Provincial agreements on equalization, a health accord and on environment and agriculture right in the words of the Constitution . Even in areas of Provincial Jurisdiction like higher education there has been agreement and co-operation on funding .

So while most will focus on what will be the damage to our economy and most importantly our international competitiveness , and  this is critically important I agree, the larger question is :  are we seeing a fundamental shift in how this place is to be governed, brazenly ignoring the basic tenants  of our  Confederation pact of co-operative federalism and shared responsibilities , and undermining ,therefore , the basis and words of our constitution?

Given the large majority Baby Trudeau’ s Party enjoys, the present leadership contest of the Conservative Party , the ineffectiveness of the NDP , the compliance of the two larger Provinces who are so dependent on the Federal Government ,  the Trudeau  doctrine of a stronger Federal Government and weaker Provinces , co-operative federalism when it suits, is now a major strategic action by the Liberal Brain Trust as it sees its best change ever to reshape the nature of the Canadian Political Project.

And over time , if it succeeds , we will be the worst for it.

Can you imagine the howls if former Prime Minister Harper did this?



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