Ugly Horse Trading– today’s Canadian Politics

Events occur quickly in Canadian Politics these days . Especially , the Federal kind.  As Kevin Lubin of the National Post opines it seems to be all ‘generated ‘ by the Federal Government intent to try and keep its Paris Climate commitments and show the world in Morocco in a few weeks how good they are on this file.

First , the Approval of the proposed massive $36 billion Petronas  LNG project on Lelu Island near Prince Rupert was approved by the Feds but with a price to the proponent which increases the reduction needed on carbon emissions . I wonder whether the Feds are  gambling that with this reduction and the drop  in gas prices that the project will not succeed anyway. If this is their calculation they also gained because they forced BC to agree to price increases on their carbon tax. Premier Chrisy Clark looks like she really lost on this one.

Second, many of the other Provinces are now being driven by this Federal carbon tax foray to capitulate ——if they can get more money for health care. Masters of principle ? Not on your life.

Third, ugly, or better said hilarious in the extreme,  only its made in Canada hypocrisy , the Premier of Alberta will agree to a carbon tax if she can get a carbon infested oil pipeline .

All of this sounds like more taxes on the public plus more money in health care with little reform in this bloated system. I referenced a few blogs back how a recent independent study found us dead last of developed nations in getting to see a doctor, and second last  in obesity related tests.

Has it really occurred to anyone that as you put in more regulation , more tax you will just shut more things down , hence even more tax and more debt replacing what would have been revenue from projects that would have been  up and running and a chance at balanced budgets?

Debts will continue to grow if we tax and regulate at the rate we are now doing , keep more people in poverty , and restrict generations to come in the debt we have left them.

Isn’t ironic in the extreme that the progressives speak of leaving a better tomorrow when in fact they will by their debt increasing ways cause future generations to be unable to finance almost nothing.









3 thoughts on “Ugly Horse Trading– today’s Canadian Politics

  1. Lulu Island is how he seys it. He has no grammer or punctuation.

    “unable to finance almost nothing.”

    Just an e or a u is still near Prince Rupart? What odds?

    Please, do not correct Brian. No filters please. If we start correcting his typos, we risk deconstructing his brand. Thank you for not correcting in the future. If you must, make a joke of it, or a point. We invented Spellcheck to free humans from this drugery.

    Every Canadian surely knows it is Lelu. Brian was maybe thinking of the Little Lulu comic strip, and made an error.

    He surely knows how to spell. He is not stunned.
    I like it like this. Uncorrected. Like it a lot. Free Speech.

    Where does the correcting end? I enjoy every error.
    Very human. He is not pretending to be Atlas. Great blog.


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