The Facts and Truth

I didn’t  want to say anything more on the carbon tax for now and then I read Andrew Coyne discussing the issue in today’s National Post .

Some time ago I wrote an article along the lines of what ever happened to Andre Coyne. Once he was a balanced conservative effectively demolishing the fragile arguments of progressives and left leading liberals. And now he has left that perch and languishes too often in the dogmatism of the left . No wonder we have so many of our citizens misguided on such important matters when we have leading commentators like Coyne abdicating responsible journalism. In this particular article he makes no effort to marshall facts and present an argument , rather he just accepts that a carbon tax works as proposed and let’s get on with it. And we must be good world citizens and like dribble. I mean it would be nice for  him to read the literature by experts on the subject , some right here in our own country like Ross Mikitrick or Phillip Cross. Or further afield the Danish thinker , Bjorn Lomborg or the American scholar Robert P. Murphy.

We were the fourth largest producer of oil in the world in 2015 according to the International Energy Agency . Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia , Nigeria , Kuwait , Russia etc couldn’t care less about such a tax , knowing how it will injure their economies. Anyway, it is all so disappointing to see such opinion leaders shirk their responsibility to those they serve.

Changing gears , did you see the former Mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani telling lies in Florida? I thought that he was above such stuff . But there he was telling an audience that he did not see Hillary Clinton at ground zero immediately after the 9/11 disaster implying that she was unconcerned in the midst of this national disaster. Big problem is that photographs were soon found showing the mayor , governor , and  Clinton standing side by side at the disaster area.

What happens to people when they commit to a person who is running for President?

One in Canada  forgets the data , the other discards the truth.

If this is how we must measure our leadership, chalk up a big F.




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