Inexact Science ? You Can Say That Again

They , the meteorologists , want me to believe that they can tell me the type of climate I will experience 30 years from now ?

Well, for two days they put the fear of God in me about three storms to hit Vancouver Island. And the third , well, ‘batten down the hatches’ ”tis gonna to be a doozy.

Starting early evening yesterday , they said. Well hour after hour went by , nothing. I checked Environment Canada website 9  and ten o’clock. . Yep, still in the path for  80 to 100 km winds , heavy rain.

Through the night , nothing.

Right now 8:50 am Sunday , still nothing. Checked Environment Canada website and they  talk about ‘ two sides to the storm  last night .’ What?

But  they are still saying Vancouver Island was one of the areas hardest hit. Well, not here in Nanaimo! And unless I have lost it all, this place is still on Vancouver Island, largest city on the island as  matter of fact .

Who are these people?





2 thoughts on “Inexact Science ? You Can Say That Again

  1. In PA and still waiting for the third storm to hit as well. I’m not holding my breath.

    Brian, ‘super storm’ Patricia fizzed on Mexico last year and this year typhoon Nada whimpered into Hong Kong. The determination to over-state weather events is part of the Climate Change imitative …..they have nothing else to scare us with.

    Cheers, gs


  2. Nanotech and big data will revolutionize tracking in real time. The farmers almanac is good enough for now. Thirty years from now, it will be much the same. Cities will be hotter. Air conditioning. Rural will have colder winters, firewood. Carbon HFC mercury rising. All man-made LOCAL problems.
    Fix journalism, to fix other stuff. Fourth estate is cracked. Well, we must promote better models.

    Media….thinks…… the scary clown template fits storm advisory warnings, or a robot does, based on human feedback in clicks? I dunno. Do a poll….


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