The Court and the UN

Thankfully, our Prime Minister respected the conventions of our nation and appointed an Atlantic Canadian to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court. I suspect the trial balloon that was obviously circulated by the Government of seeing whether  this convention could be ignored caused such a negative reaction that even he realized that such action was impossible. Sadly, it was not what the PM wanted , but there is a little semblance of democracy left in that the region objected loudly, the Prime Minister’s party has a lot of seats there , and an appropriate appointment was made respecting convention and through it the regions of this federal state.

The United Nations  is at it again. This time it’s not the human rights council but a decision to refuse press credentials to a Canadian news organization. In this case The Rebel news website headed by Ezra Levant. You see the UN can make up rules to suit itself . In this case there is no written rule barring this news organization from being credentialed , but suddenly the UN  uses the word advocacy . Apparently, there are over three thousand press people credentialed for the UN Environmental event coming up in Morocco. Of course , none of them are anywhere near being advocates , except they all are in one form or another. What a sham! And we Canadians pay ( $72 million this year) into the United Nations , and this is what we get. Let’s see if our Government will have any backbone here and have this discrimination eliminated.




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