EU —Wallonia

You see the Brits are right . The EU is a mess.

Just look at what has happened with the trade agreement between Canada and the EU. It’s been seven years in the making and still no deal . Why?  Wallonia has a veto. That’ s a region of Belgium. And they have said no so far. They are afraid of the negative impact on their farmers. There are 3.6 million people in Wallonia . Total EU population around 500 million.

So the EU expects to compete with the US or China? Are you kidding me?

Of course, the southern European countries are always in budget trouble , special deals , bailouts etc. Then there is this European Parliament , a democratic monstrosity if ever there was one. There  is the refugee problem , with a special deal with an ever increasing undemocratic Turkey. Add to that the the on going money printing , subsidies of all kinds , a bloated bureaucracy which has too much power  and thus is the EU.

All of this is on this planet.

So let’s try interplanetary .

Well, their Mars lander just crashed!



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