Can It Get More Messy?

Hard to know what to make of the latest American political goings on. Tis a mess for sure . Several constitutional scholars have expressed concern over the manner in which the latest FBI stuff was handled so close to an election, especially when nothing was released to demonstrate wrong doing, although we are all suspicious of Hillary for good cause.

But in something potentially so disruptive one would think greater care would have been taken . One wonders if FBI Comy is having second thoughts about his original decision and now sees this as a great opportunity to right the ship. Dangerous game. You can be sure there will be reprisals galore before all of this is over and done with. Democrats are huddling no doubt to find an angle.

With the election so close and such revealations one knows what next might be revealed before election day. Hold on!




One thought on “Can It Get More Messy?

  1. People are sure making a fuss about this – but where’s the equal concern about the the Justice Dept – privately meeting with the ex-pres – and these emails were known about ages ago but people were holding back actioning quote to protect Hillary unquote……now that to me is a big worry about protectionism


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