Canadian Security And Intelligence Service Broke The Law

Oh, so you thought this only happened in other places , not in nice , manner dominated Canada. Think again. Read this excerpt from the National Post Newspaper below. .

So who is going to get the ‘ your fired’ notice. Seems like no one. The article goes on to quote the head of the service and a Minister of the Government . Of course , they are talking about new measures and the like. But no one was held accountable .

‘TORONTO — A previously unknown unit of Canada’s intelligence service has been illegally keeping data unrelated to national security threats, the Federal Court disclosed Thursday.

In a hard-hitting ruling that was partly blacked out, Justice Simon Noel rebuked the Canadian Security Intelligence Service for not telling the court about a secret metadata program launched in 2006.

The Operational Data Analysis Centre was unknown even to the judges who had been issuing the warrants to collect the information it mined, according to Noel’s ruling.

While CSIS had intended to notify the court and seek its input, that never happened. Judges only learned of its existence recently when CSIS acknowledged what it was doing.

“The CSIS has breached, again, the duty of candour it owes to the court,” Noel wrote, adding that the agency had operated outside its legal authority.’

So , some wonder why there is a cynicism around about Government and the system .

Well,  here is exhibit A.


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