Federal Intrusion

In yesterday’s post I carried  the views of Lawrence Solomon  on the federal government’s policy to establish an Infrastructure Bank. Many might think Solomon’s views and mine are just some policy disagreement. Not of great import.

Well, obviously I disagree if there are those who think this was of little importance .

As Solomon points out there is a real chance that the development of infrastructure policy as manifested in the nature of the financing of these projects could see private sector interests becoming involved in what is essential Government policy and program. That is serious.

Futhermore, and perhaps of greater importance is the obvious deliberate blurring of the lines of jurisdicton , federal and provincial. This is not new of course. It began decades ago as the Federal Government through many ‘make work’ programs intruded on Provincial jurisdiction in financing schools and water and sewer projects often contrary to the priorities of the Provinces and their creatures the municipalities.

This latest Federal action will further erode the constitutional separation of powers and continue the jurisdictional creep of the Federal Government .

Money talks and I suspect many will acquiesce  and allow our constitution to be further trampled by those who  look to expedience rather what is constitutional proper and right.

Interesting it was senior Trudeeau who accelerated this Federal intrusion . It’s fitting I suppose that junior now continues it.


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