To hear , to listen. Last Night

To hear: to be capable of perceiving sound by the ear;have the faculty of perceiving sound vibration

To Listen: give one’s attention to a sound.

After some cable surfing I settled on PBS to watch the election results unfold. This was not a quick decision really since over the last months all the TV Networks have so disappointed me in the quantity and quality of their election coverage that this was really a natural choice.

There were two , how do I say it,  Chairpersons : a veteran female reporter for PBS and a black man. In Trump land this must be so if political correctness is to be followed. This really being the very least to pass muster.

Then there were two familiar male veteran journalists of many past election wars, a black male pollster whose claim to fame was to be a part of an Obama campaign, a black lady expert in polling from a university , a veteran male republican who was a never Trump person, another male veteran journalist connected electronically .

The two Chair persons watching the results come in seemed honestly stumped on what was happening ; what do these people want who are voting for Trump.

The black male pollster repeating the techniques of the Obama coalition and how Hillary ‘s people had not mastered such techniques adequately .

The female professor was wraped up in the mechanics of polling and it actually looked like certain things would have to be changed to capture things for future polling.

Our two male journalists stumbled  for words to express the puzzling results

The journalist from afar , electronically, talked of Trump as the American BERLUSCONI  ( the former Italian Premier) .

And our never Trump fellow lamented the vulgar language and abusive behaviour that Trump was making a normal behaviour pattern.

There were some oblique references to being to Trump rallies and witnessing the vulgar language .

There was also brief reference to people being displaced and feeling left out of the system; some of the trade deals might have hurt and the now common reference to education or lack thereof.

Not once did anyone reference Hillary’s e- mails, her checkered service as secretary of state, the Clinton Foundation shady deals , the Clintons’ exorbitant speaking fees , the Clinton collusion with CNN before national TV debates etc. 

Not one mention of executive orders, Obamacare promises unkept , a false Nobel prize , the former wall street people in the present Administration, the Syrian red line, the Russian reset , the Iranian Deal , the large swaths of the American midwest in permanent economic dislocation, the immigration mistakes , and on and on.

Yet,  the puzzlement was rampant .

It is not difficult to access . People, ordinary people were pissed off, so much so that anyone, almost anyone would be better than what we have had and were likely to get with its continuation  under Hillary.

The Democrats and the elites ( including the press)  perceived  the sound ——

But were incapable of giving one’s attention to the sound. 

The TV performance was a microcosm of the elite mentality in all its suffocating political correctness and Hollywood hypocrisy , that has gripped America and made possible the Trump Presidency.




One thought on “To hear , to listen. Last Night

  1. Yes, a majority Rep. Senate and Congress and a fresh Pres. tells me the American public were fed-up with the way things were going, desperately wanted their country to “get moving” again in a solid new direction – AND HAVE SPOKEN – loud and clear. It sickened me the way the media constantly belittled one and glorified the other – when in truth it should have been reversed – was obvious a lot more attention should have been directed to the really significant scandals of one and stop whining about the brash behaviour of the other candidate. All the pc-folks now wondering what they didn’t see – when it was pretty obvious millions of good-honest-working-ordinary blokes could see perfectly well. The tired and boring now gone, a vibrant and exciting new era begins – and I’m delighted for the American people. May their fortunes rise again.


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