Obama Has Lost.

How the mighty have fallen ! Take the example of Barack Obama .

What promise there was in the land when he burst on the scene ‘two terms ago.’

And now that promise remains largely unrealized.

And a large reason for that failure is his stubborn resistance to accommodation and compromise. It is a real , of the moment, lesson for all those who lead. He refused to work with a Republican Congress  and deal meaningfully with big ticket legislative issues. Numerous proposals were proposed and almost rejected out of hand each time .

Domestically his health care policy will see major revision and be unrecognizable a few years from now. His cause was not helped by his own lying . If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor repeated endlessly in the face  of facts saying this would not be so. And likewise the health plan . Remember he promised to post it all online?  It was passed  quickly before most congressmen had read it, his party almost boasting about their lack of knowing what was in it. His 0ver $800 billion infrastructure program is now seen by many as a failure given the hodgepodge of projects that were financed , the real ones , contrary to his statements were not shovel ready. He really did not understand economics, and worse did not try and understand it.

In foreign policy he was a flop. It started off on the wrong foot when he started an apology tour early on to demean American Exceptionalism. His silly Noble prize only embolden him to more thoughtless policies from the Syrian red line to Benghazi to misreading the Russians and misunderstanding the Chinese.

He helped his party to failure with a preoccupation with the elite and the Hollywood celebrity callousness , while ignoring the ordinary everyday man and woman. The bright lights captured the community organizer from Chicago.

The dogmatism of his environmentalism ignored the reality of real job loss  and social dislocation . His political correctness demeaned the plight of the middle class .

He is now left to defending the President elect , a person whose known policies are the antithesis of his own , and taking a world tour to support what he does  not believe, perhaps escaping Washington where he knows he cannot compete with the headlines of the new media savvy man that has arrived at the door of the White House.







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