David Suzuki ‘s Deamworld

David  Suzuki is almost a household name in Canada. He can say almost anything and a lot of people will believe him. He has become well known largely through the publically financed Canadian Broadcasting Corporation over the last couple of decades. He has headed the Suzuki Foundation , a left wing environmental organization headquartered in Vancouver , BC.

I have encountered him on a number of occasions over the years: once in Newfoundland ( where he promised a fair assessment on the nascent oil industry of the time but did not deliver)  and on another occasion in Vancouver when I was heading up a Salmon Inquiry for the Provincial Government of the day.   . He often lives on the edge , making statements and taking positions which are often difficult to prove, then he retreats, the damage left in its wake.

His latest pronouncement is really two things: first his time is short  and second he wants to change the Constitution of the country. On the first I suppose being eighty and looking at life expectancy he is probably right . On the second he re enters the dream world in which he usually inhabits.

This is not to be overly harsh on the man but he obviously lives in that world since during his time the country has been through some constitutional events , ones in which I played a direct part. And much of the  country knows , as well as those directly involved, just what a difficult time that was , the successful patriation but the unsuccessful Meech Lake Accord and subsequent Charlottetown Accord. To even muse out loud that somehow one can see  some environmental rights enshrined in the constitution  , presumably as a stand alone item , is to flirt with fancy in the extreme. He obviously understands little about constitutional development but yet feels the necessity to muse out loud of his ignorance. And , of course, get extensive media play with few questioning such meaningless pronouncements . Such is the state of our nation.

Perhaps it is time for Mr. Suzuki to take a breather .




6 thoughts on “David Suzuki ‘s Deamworld

  1. I could not agree more. David Suzuki has evolved his own fantasy world and is completely out of touch with reality. He takes the high and righteous ground on the environment and climate change and lives a life style that is 100% contrary. He is Canada’s #1 hypocrite.


  2. Just an FYI for you folks. The bulk of the donations in Canada to the Suzuki foundation comes from Ontario and that is the populace he panders to. He gets a chunk of cash from the USA but I cannot remember the % which is another problem.


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