Marrakech Climate Folks Just Got a Jolt

I can just imagine the reaction of the crowd  gathered in Marrakech, Morocco  for a UN Climate Conference.

The International Energy Agency just released some pretty damming information ; that the world demand for oil will keep growing at least until 2040.  Imagine the anguish and stress this is going to cause all those attending. Forget that most of them got there by using transportation that uses fossil fuels. Who I are these people at the IEA to make such statements. Well , they just happen to be the people that Governments pay globally to do the research on energy matters and are recognized by most people to be an authoritative voice. Here is part of what the Excecutive Director , Birol,  , said in the IEA’s press release.

‘ Birol said demand will keep rising for longer because there are currently scant alternatives to oil for road freight, aviation and petrochemicals, despite increasing investment in renewable energy. Even efficiency gains in petrol engines and an increase in the number of electric vehicles on the road won’t be enough to halt a rise in oil demand, he added.’

Where is Thor Heyerdahl  and his Kon Tiki when we need him?


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