American Celebrities

You got to hand to those American celebrities . They sure know how to garder  the news headlines. Several announced that if Trump got elected they would definitely move to Canada or some other country. Sure it was even reported that the Canadian  Immigration website crashed . However , no more than a week after the election and all those celebrities who were so public have either gone silent or made the big flip flop. Some saying, well, I guess I was a little hasty . Self interest sunk in as these so called leftist in their views, suddenly became capitalist and realized that they owe their wealth to the very country from which they had proposed to leave. Welcome to the celebrity hypocrisy world in all its glory.

For the record the last year for records on Canadian /American emigration /immigration , 2006, showed , according to Statistics Canada and the US Federal Authorities, and who am I question our Statistics Agency accuracy , was 34,000 Canadians moving permanently to the US and 11,000 American moving permanently to Canada. And the US has almost ten times as many people as Canada.

And wouldn’t you believe that was when the dreaded Republican , George W. Bush was in power.

Oh! Me Nerves! Why are you letting the facts get in the way of a great story?


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