Reaction to Trump

Armageddon is at hand , folks. Head for the hills . Set up your fall out shelters and keep your kids indoors.

All the way from Columbia Uniiversity’s director of non fiction studies( or should that be fiction )  to the Economist Magazine,  people are in a state of denial, shock, and oh my god what just happened.

Here is that Columbia University guy:

‘A week has passed since the most disastrous United States election in memory. My first response was to feel sick—literally, I wanted to throw up. The repudiation of all one’s most cherished humanistic, social-justice, and planet-protecting values in one fell swoop cannot help but be taken personally. At least I took it personally. But I am starting to feel calmer. In that beneficent calm—may it continue a bit longer—I have been reflecting on certain errors or distortions in my thinking.’

His name by the way is Phillip Lopate .

And then the US editor for the Economist Magazine  who in a long piece went into various intellectual contortions to explain what happened especially with the polling and journalists wrong predictions. . Here is just a tiny segment :

‘When talking to potential voters, reporters are always aware that the sample of views in their notebook is small and unrepresentative in all sorts of ways. So they check what they are hearing against the much larger samples of people that pollsters talk to. This is good journalistic practice. It also turned out to be unhelpful in 2016, because the polls in Pennsylvania and the Midwest were so wrong. Next time we will probably give more weight to what is in our notebooks and less to what the polls say. That approach in turn might misfire. What’s right for one election can be wrong for the next.’

If that was not enough here is a sampling from some American universities , those fountains of open expression and freedom of thought who one would have thought would have celebrated by having democracy in action classes.

Cornell staged a ‘ cry in.

University of California at Los Angeles students ripped open a Trump piñata and burned the remains

Yale students organized a ‘ primal stream.’

At American University some students burned the American Flag

At University of Washington sponsored an event in the ‘unity room’ of the university.

Northwestern offered ‘healing spaces’

Remember all those periods in history when groups announced that they were in the last days? And nothing ever happened to validate such dire pronouncements?

We are in another one right now.




4 thoughts on “Reaction to Trump

  1. I’m amazed at seeing this big bunch of whining losers – all this hand-wringing and prophesing of doom and gloom – including the candidate who couldn’t just be magnanimous in defeat – no – walked out on loyal supporters without a word and cried all night like a baby not getting it’s way. (A shocking display of self-centred arrogant “entitlement” not been given as if it was a god-given right). I look at the protestors – mostly young – who cannot accept Democracy in action….who stamp their feet and throw tantrums because they didn’t win. Healing spaces! Cry-ins! Good Lord! And these are the ‘educated’ citizens destined to be leaders in their fields! The “people” spoke, people – the ordinary hard-working mature citizens of the country spoke…..grow up, accept, get some sleep instead of standing and shouting, and awake when it’s light – the day will dawn, and the sun will shine.


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