UN Global Poll–Climate Fighting Comes Last

To demonstrate again , if any more evidence needs to be presented, the disconnect between Governments and their citizens , one need look no further than the latest UN sponsored Global poll .

The poll asks which six of the sixteen issues described best reflects  your opinion of their importance .

Over nine  million people have answered so far and a good education  tops the list at over six million, good health care next at over five million , then better job opportunities, honest and responsible government, affordable and nutritious food, and protection against crime and violenece . The issue ‘ action taken on climate change ‘ comes dead last .’

This should not be a surprise , but obviously many Governments are spending millions and millions of the citizens’ dollars on issues that do not reflect the will of the people.

Source for this information : the website ‘ Watts Up With That’ , author Willis Eschenbach . Or go directly to http://www.data.myworld2015.org.


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