Oh, Some of the Canadian Press is Cathching On?

There is the case of Andrew Coyne , that National Post fellow who after helping to destroy Harper , now sees that all is not well in the Trudeau House. Welcome to the real world Mr. Coyne. Anyone of thousands could have told you what would happen in this make believe world.

Anyone with half a clue would have seen through the hypocrisy by just reading the Liberal Platform last year. I detailed in this space many of the shortcomings of those so called policy proposals. It was a joke. Then early on with the various left wing appointments that this  would have told anyone paying even a little attention that we were entering fantasy land as it comes to running a government in today’s world. Then close on the heels of this was The Paris globfest of hypocrites where millions of Canadian Taxpayers dollars were ‘liberally’ dispensed in dubious international programs . The mere fact that a major party leader would deliberately promise a 10 billion dollar deficit should have been enough for the press to come crashing down on the liberal ‘party.’ Once again anyone with a modicum of common sense knew that this would not stop at 10 billion given the extravagant promises and a compliant Cabinet . Now Coyne is in a bit of a huff over the $30 billion deficit.

The Senate appointment con job, the flawed electoral reform  process , the military aircraft purchase debacle , the Trudeau  Foundation , obviously taking instructions from the now maligned Clinton Foundation , are all now coming to the fore.

Of course, in his article where he addresses all this Coyne could not help but to get a few links in at the former Government . You see you gotta do this to keep a semblance of journalistic credibility with his central Canadian buddies.

Let’s hope ,nevertheless,  that this new road to Damascus enlightening virus spreads to other blinkered scribes that make up what is called the National Press.


2 thoughts on “Oh, Some of the Canadian Press is Cathching On?

  1. Oh! Well done! I used to enjoy reading Mr. Coyne’s column. I watched the At Issue Panel because of him, then during the last election I noticed a definite slant to both the Moderator’s and Panel’s thinking which I felt was unwarranted, unkind and malignant swaying of public opinion. Hoisted on their own petard now…………


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