Papa Trudeau , the Pool, Baby —-?

Papa Trudeau the Pool , Baby Trudeau——?

In my second book( ‘Some Day the Sun Will Shine And Have Not Will Be No More ‘) I referenced Papa Pierre Eliot Trudeau and the swimming pool at 24 Sussex Drive, the Prime Minister’s residence . The pool was paid for by anonymous donors . Not a nice thing. It was rumoured that one Bill Teron , a real estate developer and friend of the Prime Minister was in on the pool financing. In any case Mr. Teron ended up as President of CMHC , a federal housing agency.

Now we have Baby Trudeau. And he has his paws in 24 Sussex Drive, too. To the tune of——–according to’ ipolitics ‘ —$38 million.

These guys were never good at math . No one knows the true cost of Papa’s pool ( the estimates and rumours are $200,000 in 1975) or who financed it . And Baby Trudeau said the renovations would cost $10 million.

This baby boy likes triples and quadruples doesn’t he?

This past budget deficit was to be $10 Billion, now $30 Billion.

The renovations to cost $10 million, now $38 million.

I didn’t know of many swamps , as the Trump Americans call Washington .

In Newfoundland we have what we called bogs.

How one got transported to Ottawa is a mystery.


4 thoughts on “Papa Trudeau , the Pool, Baby —-?

  1. CPAC had interesting history of PM residence …it’s not heritage as almost everything original has been removed from house and the whereabouts are unknown. A new residence could be built for a fraction on the $38M as property does not have to be purchased. Maybe the original donor for the pool could donate money for repairs/ rebuild ?
    Anxious to see your blog on the late great Uncle Fidel !!


  2. When Joey and Geoff went to cummune with Castro they told him about our famous bogland. Jethro has to fix the cement pond. Oh Canada. What a swampy donkey macaroni baloney administration.


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