Washington Swamp ? What About Ottawa’s?

Canadians often haughtily sneer at the American system and smile approvingly when Trump people talk about draining the swamp. I often have to remind my fellow Canadians about our own broken system when I hear them look down their noses at the Americans. This is the crowd that protects us and is our largest trading partner and where thousands of Canadians go every year to live permanently, and many others go on American Scholarships or to attend prestigious American Universities. Or to shop for milk, cheese and eggs —-and gas! And who as a nation are far more competitive than we are by all objective international measures.

Well , as we have seen in the last weeks the sitting party in Ottawa, the Liberals,  is not above its own shady operations. Just look at the cash for access controversy all over the news lately. One of the latest is a liberal party event which involved people paying to attend a liberal party gathering ( fundraiser) in order to lobby a parliamentary secretary on the marajuana legislation. The Globe and Mail reporters Robert Fife and Stephen Chase report in part of their article:

‘The presence of donors hoping to gain the ear of Mr. Blair appears to violate Mr. Trudeau’s Open and Accountable Government ethics rules that state “there should be no preferential access, or appearance of preferential access” in exchange for political donations.

The fundraiser also appears to breach internal Liberal Party rules – held up by the party as evidence of due diligence – that say “there is a thorough process to ensure that the rules are followed – especially that no department stakeholder, lobbyist, or employees of lobbying firms are specially targeted for fundraising.”

Ms. Roach ( one of the people attending from a law firm) told The Globe she “gets e-mails all the time” from the Liberals asking her to come to fundraisers, and no one vetted her for the April 28 event.

They took our money happily without question,” Ms. Roach said. “If it was easier for people to speak to politicians, to explain their points of views without having to pay – I mean, there was no way to sit at this event, I was on my feet for four hours – I would rather to speak to a politician one-on-one in an office than have to pay.”


Then we have the Trudeau Foundation where our Princeling attended an event where wealthy Chinese attended and which resulted later in money from theses people ending up in the Liberal Party and the Trudeau Foundation. Even $50,000 for a statue of Pierre Eliot Trudeau!

This from the Toronto Sun Newspaper recently on the Trudeau Foundation:

‘Like the Clinton Foundation, it seems to exist primarily to keep the family brand in good graces through vague and innocuous activism. And like the Clinton Foundation, it seems to have no problem swallowing large sums of foreign cash.

Which is exactly what the Globe ( another newspaper ) says they got from Zhang Bin, president of the China Cultural Industry Association, an authorized organ of the Chinese state that lobbies abroad for Beijing’s interests.

Zhang apparently spearheaded a $200,000 donation to the Trudeau foundation shortly after attending a Liberal Party fundraiser last May, which included a who’s-who of the globalist Chinese elite. In addition, the Globe reported, $50,000 was donated to pay for a statue of Pierre Trudeau, and another $750,000 will go to fund University of Montreal Faculty of Law scholarships.

Canadian campaign finance laws forbid foreign donations and explicit quid-pro-quo, but creative minds can get around this.

The Globe reports the fundraiser in question also featured the attendance of Shenglin Xian, boss of something called Wealth One Bank, which aims to help Canada’s “Chinese community” with their evidently distinctive banking needs. In July, it received authorization from the Trudeau government to begin operations and opened its first branches in Vancouver and Toronto a couple months later.’

And we thought the Clintons had a monopoly on this sort of thing.

The hypocrisy permeates and suffocates . And we haven’t even touched what goes on in the Provinces ?

People in glass houses——



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