For those like me who are skeptical of the press below are the actual words of the Government of Canada Press release on the pipeline decisions

Trans Mountain Expansion Project:

the Government has approved Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Expansion Project, subject to 157 binding conditions that will address potential Indigenous, socio-economic and environmental impacts, including project engineering, safety and emergency preparedness. This $6.8-billion project will create 15,000 new jobs during construction by twinning the existing Trans Mountain pipeline system between Edmonton, Alberta, and Burnaby, British Columbia. It will also provide access to global markets and generate significant direct economic benefits, including $4.5 billion in federal and provincial government revenues.

Northern Gateway Pipelines Project:

the Government has directed the National Energy Board (NEB) to dismiss Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Pipelines Project application. The Government has determined that the project is not in the public interest, given that it would result in crude oil tankers transiting through the sensitive ecosystem of the Douglas Channel, which is part of the Great Bear Rainforest.

Tanker Moratorium:

the Government has announced a moratorium on crude and persistent oil tankers along British Columbia’s north coast. This area spans the Alaska–B.C. border down to the point on B.C.’s mainland adjacent to the northern tip of Vancouver Island, and includes Haida Gwaii. The Government made this decision following consultations with stakeholders including Indigenous groups and communities. The Government will introduce legislation to implement the moratorium by the spring of 2017.

Line 3 Replacement Project:

the Government has approved Enbridge’s Line 3 Replacement Project, subject to 37 binding conditions that will address potential Indigenous, socio-economic and environmental impacts. This will ensure that the pipeline and facilities are built and operated in a manner that is safe for Canadians and the environment. This $4.8-billion project will replace 1,067 kilometres of existing pipeline from Hardisty, Alberta, to Gretna, Manitoba, to enhance its safety and integrity. The project will generate significant economic benefits, including $514.7 million in federal and provincial government revenues and 7,000 new jobs during construction. It also provides a vital link to the North American refinery market for Canadian oil.


1. For months now the Government has been signaling that that were going to approve Trans Mountain. No surprise .

2. Given how this Government likes  to brag of their environmental bond fides the hypocrisy continues , spending millions on The Paris Environmental Agreement then allowing more oil to flow in more pipelines carried  in more tankers .

3. They talk of a oil tanker ban north of northern Vancouver Island but allow more tankers in the south area. What’s with the ocean in the south ? If I was the south I would shout discrimination. ! Those poor  southern waters , how neglected must they feel!

4. What is meant by ‘ crude and persistent oil tankers’ ?  Watch the verbal gymnastics on this one.

5. No doubt the Government will try and argued just dealing with what is , no new.  But that is hard to do on Trans Mountain in that there will be a completely new pipeline built.

6. And while the Government keeps pushing the environmental mantra the line three improvements will keep feeding the American Refineries. Oh, how you anti americans must be feeling about now.

7. Interesting to see what  if anything Enbridge  will do to recoup costs on the Northern Gateway. Or because that got line three will they fold their tents? It was approved by NEB so there may be room to push this.

8. Watch BC’s Premier, Christy Clark twist her way to approval!

9. How utterly embarrassing it must be for mayor Moonbeam of Vancouver to watch his environmental pronouncements go up in more oil and more tankers. Looks good on him!


2 thoughts on “Pipelines

  1. I find it amazing that the pipeline into a very congested, tight area port surronded by BC’s greatest urban settlement will be expanded, yet in the northern region with wide open vast areas of wilderness, and very little settlement has been cancelled. I would have thought the northern region receiving years of good job opportunities, the improvements in shipping hulls, and placing the pipeline through wilderness, away from impacting vast human settlements such as Edmonton and the Greater Vancouver Area would have made more sense……..there was already an oil spill in the Burnaby area – small but indictive of how a spill impacts a residential area. Protecting the environment is noble, protecting humanity surely should rank equally with trees and rocks.


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