Peak uncertainty: How to navigate this period of economic disorder and confusion’

This is the headline of an article on the CBC Website this morning. There are a lot like that now.

The article goes on to talk about BREXIT and now Trump and Italy. Of course, the headline , like most media, have lost their way. This is exaggeration of the first order. It just happens that a lot of us were just  not being diligent in what was going on .

1. Anyone who had been watching the British news and what was happening in the hinterland would have seen the uncertainty among the ordinary class. Regional Councils and School Boards being infiltrated with immigrants who were bringing a different culture and viewpoint to bear on the existing order. Globalization was taking jobs etc. Alternate energy, especially  windmills were being stuffed down peoples ‘ throats .And of course our slavish acceptance of the polls that often used models that did not capture what was going on is a big error we continue to make. There were some elites who saw what was happening and had abandoned the polls and reviewed various  tweet accounts and saw that the no would win.  But they were few . One was the think tank in Belgium , Breugel.

2.In the USA the press and elites tried to ignore the tea party as if it did not exist notwithstanding that many representatives actually got elected in 2012 at the Federal level and state wide. The Democrats lost their congressional advantage in the Senate. The House was full of Republicans already.  We continued to ignore that over 40 million were on food stamps. That that signature Obamacare law was hurting many people and businesses and many insurance companies were abandoning it. That the rust belt states were suffering and had not reboundeded from the recession and increased globalization. This was all there for all to see, but no, that comfortable pew of the State knows best was and is well embedded.

3. In Italy there is no wonder or surprise that the establishment lost . The PM had promised like Obama and did not deliver. Migrants are pouring into the country , the established parties have always protected their own interests not the peoples , and debt has mounted , over 35% of young people are unemployed . Once again the polls were all over the place but some did finally get the picture. And once again using tweets rather than polling the result was obvious.

And this whole thing of uncertainty, disorder is the wrong description. Stupidity more like it. And where is the disorder? Trump is prudently putting together Cabinet ahead of almost every  former President elect. The US economy is doing well , better than any other large economy . The Brits are doing fine , the economic stats a lot better than of course most predicted . And the Italians are the Italians , no Ciceros , the Greeks the Greeks , no Solons and the French ——-they will learn  one day like they always do ,a little late but—-and the Chinese and Russian —we know them

Tony Blair was on CSPAN last evening twisting in knots trying to explain the obvious.

Of course, people who have a different world view from that which is unfolding in the US will always see disorder in those orderly and peaceful events, won’t they. Sure this morning I heard Trump criticize the Presidental Boeing 747 new order of $4 billion. I mean the nerve !

Johanne  Norberg has just written a new book called Progress and like Matt Ridley’s Rational Optimist , he describes with facts that this is the most prosperous time ever, people everywhere are living longer , are healthier etc. And contrary to the narrative violent storms are even less . Mon Dieu,  pray  tell, what is the worlds coming to?

So  a little sunshine today. Why not?





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