What Some Sanity –thanks to Premier Wall and perhaps Premier Clark?

Here is an excerpt from a Canadian Press Story today:

OTTAWA — A day-long meeting of first ministers on finalizing a pan-Canadian climate plan is off to a fractious start.

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall is flatly asserting he won’t be signing any agreement today on a national carbon price, while B.C.’s Christy Clark says elements of the deal may have to be set aside for further assessment.

Wall is dead set against a federally imposed tax on carbon dioxide emissions, saying Ottawa has failed to provide an economic analysis of the biggest tax change in a generation.

We’re being asked to agree to a carbon tax that the federal government admits will cascade through the system for Canadians, and we’re being asked to do it without a full assessment,” he said in Ottawa.

We’re not signing.”

He said the federal plan will result in a competitive “imbalance” given the number of emitters in central Canada, where cap-and-trade will mitigate emissions, resulting in a lower carbon price than in western Canada.

“We are rushing into this — without the benefit of due diligence, without an impact assessment so we can look Canadians in the eye and say, ‘This is what it’ll do to your job, by the way, if you work in agriculture, in mining or energy or other trade-exposed industries.’

“We’re doing it without the benefit of a study that’ll say, And this is what it’ll do to your household budget.’ We will not be signing this framework today, for these and other reasons.”

Clark agreed she can’t agree to an escalating national carbon price when Quebec and Ontario’s cap-and-trade system would mean lower carbon prices per tonne in one part of the country.

“At the moment, it’s structured that in the west, the energy-producing provinces, we’d be paying double. Citizens would be paying double what they’re paying in Ontario and Quebec,” she said.

“And you can’t have a national carbon tax where the westerners who produce the energy are paying double what the people in central Canada are paying to use the energy, in terms of an additional carbon tax.”

How sensible , let’s analylize the probable results before rushing into such a massive tax . And lets see if it is a level playing field across the country. Doesn’t look like is will be fair  as presently proposed.


4 thoughts on “What Some Sanity –thanks to Premier Wall and perhaps Premier Clark?

  1. I applaud Premier Wall and to a lesser degree Premier Clark for demanding that the whole national carbon tax issue be questioned in terms of equity across the nation. However, I think that they are all missing an extremely important point.

    I don’t deny for one second that the world’s climate is changing. However, the only evidence to date that the cause is anthropogenic is from evangelistic environmental lobbyists and “green focused” special interest groups (including the $Trillion per year “green” industry). You don’t have to do much internet surfing to discover that there are a lot of questions by credible scientists and absolutely no consensus in the scientific community of the world. When there is no consensus, there is an essential need for further objective scientific study. That is what real science is all about.

    Canadians (and the rest of the world for that matter) deserve to know facts before we allow ourselves to be subjected to a national carbon tax. BC has already implemented a carbon tax and to date it shows no benefit in environmental terms. Canadians should demand that the federal government initiate a comprehensive and objective study of global warming and the contributions of anthropogenic CO2 by appropriately qualified, agenda free world scientists.

    Scientific consensus – not government whim or political opinion – is the only reason that Canadians (and other countries) should be burdened with a carbon tax. Should we be environmentally diligent? Absolutely yes! Should we be financially burdened by special interest group agendas? Absolutely no! Objective science should determine the need for a national carbon tax. Canadian tax payers should demand nothing less.


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