‘Merry Christmas ‘ is Back

‘Merry Christmas—-‘

So said an audience member in the Trump Thank You tour in Grand Rapids , Michigan yesterday. And President Elect was quick to respond in the affirmative . And to remind the people attending that it is likely that many retail stores will now rebrand their Christmas logos to read what they have always read–Merry Christmas or Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

To think that it had come to this is nothing short of disgraceful; in a civilization based on Judaeo/Christian values to find ourselves bamboozled by a suffocating , overarching , arrogant political group think political correctness where we had to succumb our very speech to some bland neutrality for the benefit of those who were coming to our shores to escape a way of life to embrace ours . Is there ever a time in the history of our species when people came from somewhere else escapeing their own society only to conquer some of the speech of the welcoming country— that speech change going to the very core of the spiritual foundation of that place ?

Its called tradition folks , history, a part of the fabric of who we are , nothing more , but nothing less.

One of the great Conservative Intellectuals of the twentieth century, Russell Kirk, detailed ten principles of Conservatism . One centered on custom and tradition. Mr. Kirk explained :

‘It is old custom that enables people to live together peaceably; the destroyers of custom demolish more than they know or desire. It is through convention—a word much abused in our time—that we contrive to avoid perpetual disputes about rights and duties: law at base is a body of conventions. Continuity is the means of linking generation to generation; it matters as much for society as it does for the individual; without it, life is meaningless. When successful revolutionaries have effaced old customs, derided old conventions, and broken the continuity of social institutions—why, presently they discover the necessity of establishing fresh customs, conventions, and continuity; but that process is painful and slow; and the new social order that eventually emerges may be much inferior to the old order that radicals overthrew in their zeal for the Earthly Paradise.’

Surely, the beginnings of decay of any civilization is when it indiscriminately disavows its own foundations for superficial trappings . The USA and Canada are built by people from everywhere coming together embracing both the past and forging a future based on the concepts of liberty, property rights , the rule of law, and diversity. It is building on the past , not eliminating those elements of the past which are foundational to appease certain new groups.

And Remember also the famous lines :’ Render unto Caesar ———.’

Any semblance of breaking that hard fought separation is to be resisted at all cost , but equally we must resist the temptation of discarding our foundations/traditions on a false altar of shallow moral equivalency , demeaning who we are and the principles that made us successful and tolerant.

It is in this vein that the Trump supporter is right .

We must keep Merry Christmas —-


10 thoughts on “‘Merry Christmas ‘ is Back

  1. I have never ever wavered from saying Merry Christmas, i say it to all and every store clerk i have conversations with.
    In written form it is Merry Christens not Merry Xmas. Celebrate Christ, not X.
    Great article, love it.


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