Seal Protest Backfires

A report today about a 15 person protest in St. John’s , Newfoundland at a Natural Product store . Apparently the store committed the monumental sin of selling seal skin products. The owner of the store took to face book to publish the protest.

Well, my son, hundreds turned up to buy things in the store. The owner was overwhelmed .

I remember many years ago leading an international pro sealing campaign visiting the US, UK, France , Germany , Italy and the Scandinavian countries. And the protests were many and ferocious.

The most memorable was at the National Press Center in Washington. D.C . I was holding an early  morning press briefing for congressional staff. One persistent  young lady from Utah or Wyoming ( where salt water and ocean is in short supply) kept posing question after question. It got so that all the audience were siting back watching the tit for tat . With each question I was able to provide a detailed scientific answer on the commercial seal fishery . Finally, frustrated the young lady , exasperated , exclaimed : ‘ they are some pretty , though, aren’t they? ”

And there’s the rub. Like so much of today’s progressive musings ,  ’tis more emotion that real rational thought or science.

Bravo for the store owner!


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