What’s This ? A Qualified Nominee!

What Is This ?

Can you figure out what is going on with the reaction to the Rex Tillerson appointment by President Elect Trump? Obviously, under the American system there will be a Senate hearing and that Body must approve the appointment. Quite democratic.

But the reaction by the vested crowd is unseemly, it’s is amazing. Don’t wait for the Senate Hearing , just push the innuendo. Like Jason Riley said in a piece in the Wall Street Journal that I posted , the establishment press still can’t get over that one of theirs did not win. Their irrationality knows no bounds.

I mean why not this reaction to the junior Senator for Illinois winning the White House? No experience whatsoever. His experience was a community organizer. Now there is something to get exercised about . And the country paid for it , big time. More debt , almost more in eight years than in the whole previous history of the country, more on food stamps, lies about health care and disaster in foreign affairs from Russian reset, Syrian red line to Libya and South China Sea. Foreign Affairs was a joke.

And now the new President Elect appoints someone who has worked as a businessman all over the world ; as President of one of the world’s largest companies, who knows the dynamics of one of the most important areas in diplomacy these days , energy. And he is somehow receiving more negative reaction than Obama did when he was elected President , who had no experience on anything significant on being President of the most powerful country in the world?

Are you kidding me?

Isn’t it the point that one tries to hire people with experience in the field for which the hiring is to be made ? And one knows that if you have someone who was very successful in their field that is related to the one in which the hiring is to be made , that that is a good indicator for success in the new field. Don’t you think that Tillerson being an American would negotiate just as hard for his country as he did for his company? Or is this another conspiracy theory: Tillerson is a puppet of Putin. Is this what the naysayers are really trying to say but don’t have the intestinal fortitude to say it.

Look, it is quite plain now that Trump continues to out fox the beltway crowd and the larger progressive crowd . All his picks so far are qualified people . Where is Sarah Palin, Huckebee, Christie , Giuliani etc. Trump has gone for a real A team of qualified people not career politicians. While those mentioned are qualified in certain areas others were more qualified and it is to Trump’s credit that he looked beyond , not the navel gazing of the political class. Not the regular you scratch my back syndrome. Now some might argue with the views of the nominees , but that’s another discussion. They are definitely qualified by any reasonable measure.

And I guess Trump’s victory tour further rubs his unlikely victory down the throats of his progressive adversaries making then all the more extreme in their reaction to his nominees.

And he continues to tweet his pointed phrases —-a President elect is not suppose to do that ——

Reminds one of the old American westerns —–there’s a new guy in town and he’s got a whole new approach ——-


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