The Hapless ( as in pathetic) President

Thank God he’s almost gone.

Did you read about ( or see the press conference ) of hapless Obama lecturing the incoming President on how he should ‘handle China .’ ???The same time as the Chinese stole a drone from the Americans in the South China Sea?  All gall he is.

He has demonstrated sufficient incompetence that any sensible man would just shut up.

OH, no , not this man. He stands there lecturing about things like the Syrian tragedy when his own ‘ fake red line’ showed once again his abbissmal leadership weakness . He broke his promise and thousands were massacred. He fiddled while rebel groups cried out for weapons to at least defend themselves. He ignored his own friends , the Kurds,  and simultaneously cuddled up to terrorist Iran.

The great apologist for all things American . How the Egyptians must have laughed after that Cairo speech especially after he aligned his country with the Moslem Brotherhood. Of course, that initiative has backfired , for all to see.

Then he talks about Putin and influencing the election. He better show the beef on that one. And what about Obama’s own state department providing funds to an organization in Israel who used the money to try and defeat Prime Minister  Natanyhu  ? ( and a member of Obama’s campaign involved as well) .Confirmed , by the way,  by a congressional committee. What do you call that? The sickening hypocrisy. And the press still in large measure suck it up and spit it out.

And then we learn that Obama’s Democratic Party was hacked but the terrible Republican Party was not! How come?

If you look at how CNN conspired with the Democratic Party leadership ; how the Party conspired to destroy Bernie Sanders ; how tens of millions of dollars flew out the door,  it’s no wonder it was hacked . It was open season for corruption in the President’s party.

And to top it off the First Lady gets in the act. The most expensive first lady in US history proclaims that she knows what its like to not have hope now.

Yes, Michelle , loosing all those millions to play with would would leave someone like you downright hopeless. The personification of the entitlement society . That’s why the ordinary Jane and Joe rejected your party not only for the Presidency , but in the House, the Senate , the Governorships  and state houses.

Melania looks better all the time .

Can they make it December 20 rather than January 20?




4 thoughts on “The Hapless ( as in pathetic) President

  1. Sounds as though you aren’t an Obama…. Merry Christmas and I look forward to an exciting new year of your blogs, Cheers Joan

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  2. Melania is a lady……..although her focus will be Barron’s schooling, at some point we’ll see her in a First Lady role – and how beautiful and serene she will seem for sure.


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