Chickens Coming Home—-

According to the Canadian Press this morning the Heath  Transfer Agreement between the Federal  Government and the Provinces is in trouble. The much  vaunted Liberal Promises of only a year ago seem to be fading in the mist as finally the reality is beginning to sink in that the cupboard is bare. Remember only a year or so ago the Liberals and many other interest groups were attacking the Harper  Government as it relates to social spending .And now where do we find the federal Position ?  Right around what Harper was saying . Welcome to the Hypocritical Liberal Government of Ottawa. Quebec is threatening to walk out and BC has expressed serious reservations.

I was involved in Federal Provincial Conferences  for over ten years and this one is beginning to smell like Daddy Trudeau ‘s modus operandi all over again . According to the Provinces there is this take it or leave it attitude exhibited by the Minister of Finance and coming from the Prime Minister’s Office . Welcome to the 1980’s folks ! The more things change the more they remain the same.

Of course , the larger issue is that health care costs continue to rise and with a federal contribution increase of around 3% this just won’t cut it. As we all know Provinces are showing that 40% of their budgets right now are taken up by health care —and this is only going to rise.

The elephant in the room is ——change —-we will have to look at some European  models sooner or later —and it will be better for all that it is sooner. How come many European nations score higher on standard of care than Canada and yet they  spend less than we do ?

Time to take our heads out of the sand —our model must change .




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