Chickens Come Home 2

‘Despite our health care system’s value and importance, it has been more than a decade since a Canadian Prime Minister sat down with provincial and territorial Premiers to strengthen the program, and ensure that it can meet current needs and the challenges that come with an aging population.’

This is what the Liberals said in writing  last year. So where is the Prime Minister? The Provinces have had to ask for a meeting with the PM today .  Promise broken !

‘We will restart that important conversation and provide the collaborative federal leadership that has been missing during the Harper decade. We will negotiate a new Health Accord with provinces and territories, including along-term agreement on funding.’

This is what the Liberlas said in writing last year.  Some collaboration , take it or leave it is what they did today. Promise broken !

Will they be held accountable for this ? Will you see these two Liberal  statements on the TV screens  of Canadians? Forget it!

Will Peter Mannsbridge be chasing the PM for an answer to his deception like he was chasing him in admiration? Not likely after the CBC got another $150 million .

Then I hear my fellow Canadians display this morally superior attitude vis a vis the Americans !




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