Crass and Dictatorial

Don’t imagine you will see these words in any mainstream media. Very politically incorrect diction , mind you.

They apply to our Princeling, Prime Minister Trudeau. Like  his Daddy, ‘unilateral ‘ comes easy to him , first , in the fake Health proposals and now in  Arctic Drilling . You see the Premiers of the north were not consulted on this out of the blue ban . I wonder if it would have been done if oil was at $120 a barrel?  This from the ipolitics news website :

‘A federal decision to stop issuing offshore oil and gas licences in the Arctic was made without consultation with the people whose economy stands to pay the price, Northwest Territories Premier Bob McLeod said Wednesday.

The leader of the territory south of the oil-rich Beaufort Sea said he heard about the new policy just two hours before it was made public Tuesday in a joint statement by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and U.S. President Barack Obama.’

This is the wonderful collaboration heralded in the Liberal Party manifesto. How proud his daddy would be , given that this is just the way he treated Newfoundland as it relates to its offshore. Oh, the  PM and his surrogates try to excuse this dictatorial behaviour by saying we will give you this and that. But the whole  point of the Confederation exercise is being partners in decision making not this unilateralism. No Canadian wants to be handed a few scraps and told to go back to their corner. Our naive PM just could not help himself in one last joint ‘get together in press release ‘ with the lame duck , you can keep your doctor President. What a charade!

And the crass part is that there are already numerous leases issued with no time limit. This announcement is just about no new leases. Nice ,  little Princeling, after the horse has left the barn  and the door is full shut. The news item quoted refers to valid leases by Chevron, Suncor , BP, Repsol, Imperial and Husky. Here are the exact words from the US/Canada joint press statement : ‘and Canada is designating all Arctic Canadian waters as indefinitely off limits to future offshore Arctic oil and gas licensing, to be reviewed every 5 years through a climate and marine science-based life-cycle assessment.[i]’ 

So you see if in the unlikely event oil and/or gas takes a long price spike theses existing leases could be activated and drilling and production started. Of course, I suppose the Princeling is arrogant enough to try and buy out these leases with our money notwithstanding that his cupboard is bare . You see he kept one promise that was loudly proclaimed ; and the people bought it ——–, putting us in deficit but he broke it really since it is three times what he promised. 

It is obvious now that this is the diet of contrived , meaningless announcements to which we will subjected for the next few years .

I have indigestion already.




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