German Security

Although Italian police have shot the suspect of the Berlin market terrorism the question of the effectiveness of European security remains an open one. To think a person with a criminal record in two countries , on the watch list by German authorities as having terrorist links , sentenced to be deported from Germany, could nevertheless be released and lost for a couple of weeks boggles the mind. After all the terrorist happenings all over Europe to think the German authorities could blow this one so badly is quite the black eye for the country’s security service. These authorities have indicated that they have over 500 people just like the Berlin terrorist on their watch list.

There remains this mistaken notion that it won’t happen in my place or that the terrorism will somehow just go away. There is still too much political correctness going on and few will publically acknowledge that the Muslim religion breeds more extremists than other religions . Moderate Muslims and the authorities of western nations need to come together on this before meaningful improvement is likely.



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