‘Polar Bear Facts and Myths–A Summary Science for All Ages’

Susan Crockford is a professor at the University of Victoria , British Columbia . She has just published a new book with the title given above.

Amazon says:

“This beautiful, full color summary explains in simple terms why polar bears are thriving despite the recent loss of Arctic sea ice. It’s written in a question and answer format, in language that readers of all ages can understand (age 7 and up). The book takes a sensible, big-picture approach that many readers will appreciate and is based on the most up-to-date information available.”

Another reviewer ( Kip Hansen writing a review on the website Watts Up With That) says :

‘It is particularly well-suited for young readers interested in the natural world and will help to allay any fears they might have that polar bears, an iconic Arctic species, are doomed to extinction. It accomplishes the latter using the effective approach of making simple statements that young people may have heard on TV or in school and asking if they are Facts or Myths. Each question is accompanied by a photograph or drawing and an easy to understand explanation as to why the statement is either a true fact or an incorrect myth, giving educational information on each topic.

It is refreshing to see a book for our youth that is based on factual scientific information in a let-the-chips-fall-where-they-may fashion without any attempt to force on the reader a pre-determined, biased or politically correct viewpoint. Our children deserve to be presented with clear and honest facts, even of controversial and highly politicized subjects, and then to be allowed to draw their own conclusions.

For an adult, this just-under 40 page book is a quick read – simple straight-forward text with photographs thoughtfully illustrating each point. It is particularly well-suited to be read to, or with, your children. Both parent and child will learn something they didn’t know.’



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