Putin Invites the American Children

Tactician and strategist Putin makes Obama look small—-again!

In light of the expulsion of Russian diplomats from America and the closing of certain facilities for use by Russian diplomats in the US, all really a silly play meaning close to zero,  Putin responds by expelling no one and further has invited the children of American diplomats in Russia to a New Years’ Party on the grounds of the Kremlin. Trump for his part has praised the Putin decision adding;’ I knew he was a smart fellow.’

Now, no one knows whether Putin and Trump already have a secret phone line or other means of confidential communication but this makes one at least suspicious.

But whether they do or don’t , isn’t it fun watching the Nobel Prize winner, ( have you noticed all the mainstream media keep ignoring this fake honour), Obama , squirm as his last days unfold?

From new parks , offshore drilling ban, environmental regulations , to Israel , Russia and much more the Hope and Change ‘boy ‘ struggles to the finish line desperately trying to put as many obstacles in the way of the new President as possible.

What a contrast with George W. Bush!

‘  Class ‘ does not come easy to BO.

We now see the adolescent , small minded behaviour of the community organizer in full bloom , displaying the behavioural tendencies of his twenty year Preacher and mentor , Reverend Wright .




4 thoughts on “Putin Invites the American Children

  1. What did Putin do to the children of Syria. Oh yes, they are not white, so it doesn’t matter. Trumpie, boxed himself in. And in a year ir so let’s talk more; sorry we won’t be here, we will all be nuked. Two guys with egos bigger than their countries. Stay tuned.


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