Americans ReOpen Coal Mines in Canada –where are the Canadian greenies ?

Boy , you would never believe it if one listened to the mostly ‘Green’  news coming out of Canada in general and BC in particular in the last year.

Yet two coal mines have reopened in BC in the last few months and a third  is on the way. There is the Brule  Mine, The Wolverine  Mine and soon the Willow Mine , all near Tumbler Ridge , BC.

Now , don’t get me wrong I agree with the reopening of them.

But , but , the leaders of BC and Canada have been singing another  tune !

Our Princeling is spending hundreds of millions of our money on the Paris Agreement to fight carbon ;  issuing anti carbon rhetoric and an imposed carbon tax in between his selfies.

Loquacious Christy Clark , the BC Premier , talks up green  on the new Site C Hydro  project even though it is flooding hundreds of acres of good land; she has implemented a carbon tax and still doesn’t know that natural gas is a fossil fuel.

Vancouver Mayor,  bike laner Gregor Robertson , has decried the expansion of the trans mountain pipeline as his council takes money from the Province that comes from taxes on coal, gold mining  and oil and gas exploration and production.

Andrew Weaver of the BC Green Party lectures us from on high on being more green , comfortable in the pew of having no responsibility for anything.

The BC NDP , whose claim  to fame is to talk the talk but never to walk the walk , are always playing the green card .

And then there are  pipeline protesters on Burbany Mountain confident that prosperity comes from never , never land .

And let’s not forget Saint Suzuki, the greatest hypocrite of all , as he burns the carbon getting to his next speaking engagement or to a CBC program ,  who is always ready with a doomsday  comment on any mention of carbon. He wanted to ‘charge ‘ the former Prime Minister . Now you would think he would become a permanent resident of Tumbler Ridge.

And the Council of Canadians ?  Well, you might have forgotten about them —-I think they are  headed for Pluto—you know , that out of this world experience–shocked that their anti Americanism has had such impact that the Yanks are investing and mining in Tumbler Ridge.

So why are they not up at Tumbler Ridge , wrapping themselves in the green flag protesting the production of hundred of thousands of tons of coal?

I thought for sure Suzuki would be tied to one of those hugh excavators by now. Why, can’t you see Robertson speeding to the pits on his mountain bike howling all the way  at those who are leading our earth to its destruction. What’s the problem ——why are they not there in the hundreds?

Are they a bunch of wimps —afraid of a little real winter in the north east of the Province? Or are they really cowards knowing full well that the people of the north east would not take kindly to any such visitation from green urbanites whose only expertise is getting in front of the camera —–and how badly any such confrontation  would look to their friends back in Vancouver and Victoria—not to mention far a way Toronto.

But then just two days ago I passed by the Delta Port near the BC ferry terminal at Tsawassen , and there I saw heaps of coal being loaded aboard ships destined for Asia–right on the door step of the greenies —and , my God , there was not one of them anywhere.

And so , the great Canadian virus spreads throughout the land . All the experts say there is no easy remedy. But all know its name :



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