Washington Post and Trump Tweets

Did you see where the highly regarded Washington Post newspaper made a real big bo bo. They allowed their partisan view to rush a story to print that really needed more research. The story said that the Russians had infiltrated through hacking a utility in Vermont obviously trying to buttress their friend President Obama and his pursuit of the Russians on alleged hacking in the US . They allowed the story to go to press before the Utility responded. Well, the paper over the  last couple of days has had to climb down from that story and now today they admitted , in so many words, that the story really had no legitimacy. I say let that be a lesson to the Post , if they are just not too stubborn, that allowing such partisanship to so infiltrate good journalism is a receipe  for real trouble for the paper in the age of Trump. One negative tweet from Trump could put the paper far down the unfavourable list by regular folks . Gallup reported recently that the US press finds itself less trusted than ever by the US public. This only adds to the mistrust . Fake News? There it is.

Speaking of Trump tweets , he has been pretty busy these days , hasn’t the?  With the Tweets I mean. His tweet on GM and the Chevy Cruze  hatchbacks being made by GM in Mexico and a few brought to the USA for sale has gained lots of attention. It is not that GM can respond and say the majority sold in the USA are made in the USA , it is for Trump and the locals that a US Company makes vechicles in a foreign land and then sellls them in the US regardless of the number. One can see in GM’s response that they are on the defensive where Trump wants them to be. Look at GM ‘s rival, Ford.  They have cancelled that new plant they were to build in Mexico and are investing some of that money in the US–$700 million. Just a few weeks ago that plant was a definite go.

And then there is his own party foolishly ,on the first day in Congress , trying to change an ethics bill. Trump smelled that out immediately and tweeted that this was a silly move given all the important legislation the party had to deal with. And the Party backed down. If ever republicans in Congress thought that they could do something stupid like this and get away with it , they now know. So any bargaining power they thought they had with the leader just went down the drain.

The difference here is very significant! At any other time the leader would caucus with the leadership , days would go by, and some watered down version of the bill would be the likely outcome . Not any more. One has got to like the clarity , if nothing else.

And the tweets on China , Israel, North Korea give ample evidence that this guy wants to set the agenda –and in a manner that we have not seen before.




2 thoughts on “Washington Post and Trump Tweets

  1. So a highly regarded news paper makes one boo boo…big deal…the leader of the free world make more than that every day, and denies it. Guess the paper acknowledges it. I will always remember or let’s say etched in my memory of trumpie mocking a disabled reporter and then denying it… What a looser…?Could mention hundreds of others, grabs them by the pussy….3 million votes voted illegally, biggest crowd ever at trumpie’s inaugural, wiretapped by Obama, British intelligence wiretapped him, told German chancellor fox made him say it…lol….etc….is that a president…most powerful man in the world …or is he just second to Vladimir now….


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