Salt Craze? Where Else , Vancouver

My son tis been a hard few weeks for the folks living in Vancouver. You see they have a bit of winter ( worst stretch of cold in 30 years, and skating on Trout Lake  first time in 20  years)  and it has thrown everyone in a bit of a loop. You know , like here we go loopy , loop?

Now  you don’t hear too much  about the majority ( the lower mainland has roughly two million people , 560,000 live in Vancouver) who live in cities near and around Vancouver . It’s the people in Vancouver and the media there. They are obsessed with the winter , the snow , icy side roads etc.

Well , that greenie city council ,  who are in a state of shock given they believe in the catastrophic global warming theory as fact , and hence this cold trend is an impossible happening ,  decided , given that they had failed to clear the side streets in particular, to provide some free salt to the residents . The salt was to be picked up at the various fire stations around the city. Well, the city council has few real talents besides narrowing streets for more bike lanes and ensuring that new rental accommodations take three years to get approved ( according to private sector builders there) , and hence the salt failed to arrive at the prescribed times and when it did there was a free for all. Some scuffles ensued and the one bucket limit per household was often disobeyed and thus there were a lot of pretty ticked off taxpayers. All the commercial establishments had run out of salt and side street residents, many elderly, were having a hard  time getting their basics. One clever  fellow took along a book to read to help him deal with the line ups, often over one hundred  waiting. He failed twice to get salt over the last few days  and was hoping to try again today. Another enterprising fellow two days ago , at the start of the free for all , was loading his truck at one fire station . Later there were ads on Craig’s list of salt for  sale in Vancouver. Missing Mayor Moonbeam Robertson finally turned up by way of statement lamenting that the City has winter.

Of course , radio station CKNW was all over this. I mean the listeners must be informed —–entertained that is. If someone mentions that they might be over doing it , a discussion  among the talking heads at the station ensues where  they poke fun at such views. This morning , for example , they went the extra step, getting a bahaviorial psychologist from a University to opine upon the unruly   behaviour  of the citizens who were seeking salt at the fire stations. We were all treated to the enlightening concept that this is behavior characteristic of people competing for scare resources.

So now you know the value of your University and radio station.

Then there is the new billion dollar toll bridge that does not work well in winter —–and the ——-and —–

Oh, me nerves!



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