Two Days Before Christmas With Nobody Home——

With no one home the Canadian Federal Government, two days before Christmas released this report:

‘Update of Long-Term Economic and Fiscal Projections’

Great time for release wouldn’t you say? This open , transparent,  accountable Liberal government snuck the report into the pubic domaine as Santa Clause was getting the reindeer ready and you and I were shopping.

Of course,the reason for the subterfuge is obvious. As I have been ranting for months now , a leader that promises deficits , gets elected, delivers that promise will soon have to answer for that  fiscal irresponsibility . Did anyone think he could get away with that? And to do it when our best export commodity was in the tank , price wise and then to complicate our competitiveness with more taxes and regulation.

The report looks out to 2055 and sees continued deficits  till then . What was the promise ? A balanced budget by 2019? And the promise of only a $10 billion deficit this year. It is $27 billion.

Now, I agree all this has to be taken with a grain of salt given the long time line but it does tell you something about the thinking in the Department of Finance.

Now , its all the economy that’s to blame.


Now there is mention in the report that if the economy does better than projected, that we get competitive through productivity , better skills and innovation then a better outcome is possible.

But who can see this happening ?

We are not as productive as the Americans , and have not been for many years now ; we do not innovate like the Americans  either through Government policy or the private sector . And we are in the process of seeing more regulation and taxes . Meanwhile , to our south regulation is about to get streamlined , taxes to become lower , and a far more agressive pro America trade policy  pursued.

And we got some ways to go to have a culture of excellence and entrepreneurship as a national traits, I submit .

One thing is certain as history clearly shows –the name Trudeau is not associated with fiscal prudence and business acumen .

A heap of coal for Christmas.



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