La la Land? Great? Not For Me.

Golden Globes, Best Musical ? I guess there were not many this past year. I love jazz but that does not make it a great picture ——and the two main characters —good but not award winning in my estimation. Best Director?

Now it looks like it has a chance at best picture in the Academy Awards competition. I suspect politics are greater in that field today than the real stuff. Meanwhile Mark Steyn brought his kids to see:

‘As for my kids, their biggest disappointment was that it wasn’t a musical, only a half-hearted semi-musical. There was an opening number, then a second number, and then, gradually, the songs petered out, until in the second half there were barely any at all. As my beloved daughter observed, “They didn’t commit to the concept.”

Then ,  I saw Hidden Figures today. Many would say too heart warming. I liked it –especially learning some great American Space History ; that black women were significant contributors to the math and computer work that went into the first space flights. The personal stories of the three main women was very interesting.

Sad that it took a movie many years later for it to gain public knowledge.



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