Celebrity As Soap Box?

Meryl  Streep is a great actress by any measure. I have watched many of her performances and marvel at her acting ability .

However, over the the years something has changed. Hollywood has not only continued in the movies  but has attempted to extend itself into realms where they t have little or no expertise. But using their celebrity status and money accumulation  they have been imposing their particular political views upon their fans and the public generally. Actually using a platform where movie awards are dispensed to articulate points of view in the political realm which cannot be challenged at the time .  And often having a national and international TV audience to boot. Rather cowardly really.

Meryl Streep is the latest in a long line of recent movie celebrities to talk not about art and its place in modern society , how it enriches and explains us as humans , but about politics .

First , one has to question whether using a movie awards  event on National TV to espouse ones political views is appropriate and ethical.

Second , putting aside that first point , it is clear that two flawed candidates for President were presented to the American public this past year. I do not think there are many who would dispute that last sentence. Ms Streep decided to attack one. As Marl Levin of the Conservative Review has pointed out :

‘Meryl Streep said nothing when Obama’s Justice Department was targeting reporters and intercepting their communications; she said nothing when Obama’s Justice Department was arming Mexican drug lords, resulting in murder; she said nothing when Obama’s IRS was threatening and intimidating private citizens because of their viewpoints; she said nothing when Obama’s NSA was gathering a massive amount of telephonic activity by American citizens; she said nothing when Obama threw Israel over the cliff at the UN; she said nothing when Obama’s policies (or lack thereof) contributed to the growth of ISIS and its genocide, rape, slavery, and torture; etc.’

And I can add : she said nothing about the Clinton Foundation and the dubious contributions of Middle  East Governments, of Bill Clinton ‘s involvement with the Russians who through his and Hillary’s approval as Secretary of State saw uranium mining leases in the US be owned by a foreign entity, or the Hillary e-mails , collusion between Hillary’s Democratic Machine and CNN , and this machine discrediting Bernie Sanders, all matters that are on the public record and not subject to opinion.

So this selective moral outrage fails in the world of balance and fair play and encourages the division which is so prominent in US politics today. So if Ms. Streep is  really interested in truth and morality then she must highlight the moral and ethical breeches of both sides and call for a truly national cleansing .

Perhaps Mollie Ziegler senior editor of the Federalist  said it best :

‘ So if you’re wondering why anyone could possibly have any problem with the saintly Streep’s sermon, hopefully you can empathize with others who heard it differently. It was an unwelcome reproof from a representative of a group that doesn’t exactly have a ton of credibility. To see media elites cheer her on and push out her message was as unwelcome as everything else the media pushed in 2016. You’d think they’d learn.

But let’s revisit the best part of the speech Streep delivered. “Disrespect invites disrespect. Violence incites violence. And when the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose.”

We can hope that powerful Hollywood and the powerful political media will take this message to heart and stop disrespecting those who disagree with them, excommunicating as heretics any who dare differ. We can hope that they will stop bullying others into their narrow groupthink. While we’re at it, we can hope that Donald Trump stops being so rude on Twitter and elsewhere.

We can also face the reality that at this point Trump is more likely to modify his behavior than Hollywood or political media are. As individuals, however, we can and should always redouble our efforts to speak well of each other and treat each other well. We shouldn’t take our guidance from politicians or movie stars, and if we focus our efforts on improving our own virtue, perhaps future generations will have better statesmen and artists.’

Well said!



2 thoughts on “Celebrity As Soap Box?

  1. I concur. I heard MS’s rant and was sickened – another sore loser. I have always enjoyed MS’s movies but I worried for several days after that rant – my respect crashed. The entire H/wood populace seem to think their position is always the right – who do they think they are! They’ve all been to drama school I suppose and play their parts well, but let’s be frank, they’re drama students, not political PHDs, nor MBAs. We may all have differing views on our government-in-session, but that doesn’t make any of us experts to platform our views as right. Stick to the Arts, H/wood people.


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