American Press Blew It

Did you see Trump’s first formal press conference since the election? Well, I did.

And what a gift Trump received !

Overnight a number of press organizations carried a unsubstantiated story about Trump and how the Russians were suppose to have embarrassing information on Trump that they  would use this against him as leverage him after  he is in power . Additionally,  some of Trump people it was alleged , were conspiring witheTrump’s people.

All of this was not supported by any facts. Yet , CNN and other news organizations carried it .Some did not.

But it gave Trump the ammunition to go on the offensive in the Press Conference and deflect other relevant questions.

Interestingly  , Trump had a law firm specifically address how he intends to separate himself from his business dealings. This was a smart move and effectively blunted any questions on conflicts after Trump becomes President . At least for now.

The Press , especially CNN and Buzzfeed and others who released the unsubstantiated reports effectively sabotaged its own press profession in being able to mount honest and  effective questions.


4 thoughts on “American Press Blew It

  1. No, what’s scary is when the president of the USA , leader of the free world, creates fake news. What if the pm of uk, canada, German chancellor, president of France and the rest of the free world were creating fake news, similar to trumpie. Or would you prefer Vladimir, n Korea etc. Thank God for the wisdom of people to elect real leaders, trumpie is just an annomonoly, and the us citizens see their folly. And a bigger thank God for the main stream media to inform the people.


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