Here is What Junior Has Wrought–Canadians Better Wake Up!

Presently going around the world by Wall Street Journal and Associated Press

You see the Princeling has not changed his spots and with a bunch of extreme environmentalist in his Cabinet and his office , he undermines Canada’s energy integrity. Canadians better wake up. 

Who around the world in the right mind would look at more investment in the oil sands when the Prime Minister is musing about its demise?

Canada Needs to Phase Out Oil Sands, Prime Minister Says

Statement sparks ire in Alberta province, where oil industry provides jobs
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Jan. 13, 2017 11:42 p.m. ET
TORONTO—Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sparked anger in the oil-rich province of Alberta on Friday for saying Canada needs to phase out the oil sands.

Mr. Trudeau told a town-hall meeting in Peterborough, Ontario, that Canada can’t shut down the oil sands immediately but would need to phase it out eventually.

The prime minister was asked about his government’s approval of pipelines and whether that was consistent with the promise to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. He said there needs to be a transition off the dependence on fossil fuels.

Mr. Trudeau’s comments caused outrage on social media and criticism from Alberta politicians. Premier Rachel Notley said the oil sands aren’t going anywhere soon.

Alberta opposition leader Brian Jean said the oil-and-gas industry provides thousands of good jobs and if Mr. Trudeau wants to shut it down he would “have to go through me and four million Albertans first.”

Alberta has the third-largest oil reserves in the world.

Jason Kenney, a former federal Conservative minister and leadership candidate for Alberta’s provincial Conservative party, said the oil sands represent trillions of dollars of future wealth for Canadian families.

“That’s our ability to pay for pensions, health care, and infrastructure and education. It also represents hundreds of thousands of good-paying jobs for working, middle-income families,” Mr. Kenney said.’

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