Trump Was Ready

You could see from his inaugural speech that he was ready and the themes of his campaign were just not words but now part of the Trump doctrine. The speech was ,of course,  more coherent than the speeches on the campaign trail. But the message is clear . There is a new guy in town and he means business.

As if to hammer that home the White House website of Trump is already up and running ( 2:30 est ) , and to ensure  there is no doubt , already listed are the specific policies the new President will pursue. Here they are as placed on the website and each one has elaboration of the headline :

American Energy Plan

America First Foreign Policy

Bringing more jobs and Growth

Making Our Military Strong Again

Standing Up for Our Law

Enforcement Community

Trade Deals Working For All Americans

If you go into the White House Website you can read the detail under each of these headings . For example under trade there is confirmation that the proposed Pacific Trade Deal is dead. That the new administration intends to try and renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement . Under energy the new administration will encourage more shale oil and gas exploration and development by eliminating regulations that Obama had put in place and also encourage clean coal development.

And just posted is the elimination of a reduction of insurance for risky mortgages that Obama put in place in the last weeks . The new administration saw this move as helping to encourage the same culture which helped caused the 2008/9 financial meltdown.

Things are moving fast.





One thought on “Trump Was Ready

  1. Iit’s business as usual for The Donald, now Mr. President. I wish him all the best and success. Empowering people to feel good about themselves, proud of who they are, and not afraid to do an honest day’s work – that will surely bring prosperity.


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