Churchill Back in White House

Sign of the times.

President Obama upon taking over after his inauguration removed the bust of Winston Churchill  from the White House and replaced it with a bust of Martin Luther King. Donald Trump promised if elected to bring the bust of Churchill back. He did that yesterday. Liberal reporters assumed( no doubt eager to do so)  that meant that  the bust of King was replaced .Bad reasoning , of course. Some liberal reporters actually reported that the King bust was gone. Needless to say,  both busts are there and one reporter had to apologize to Trump’s new press secretary for his error.

American Lookout news site reports:

‘Some liberals in media like Zeke Miller of Time Magazine jumped the gun and reported FAKE NEWS on the subject but Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer called him out and got an apology. On his first day!

Twitchy reports:

As we told you earlier, President Trump returned the bust of Winston Churchill to the Oval Office, fulfilling a promise he made during the campaign. But the move set off a wave of speculation over what happened to the bust of Martin Luther King Jr. that President Obama had moved into the Oval Office to replace Winston.

TIME reporter Zeke Miller initially tweeted that the MLK Jr. bust have been removed entirely, but his first report was wrong. ‘

Miller later tweeted he was wrong.



2 thoughts on “Churchill Back in White House

  1. The takeaway is ‘stop blogging’ as it is doing no good service for anyone. Unless you hate democracy?

    You failed to be a leader Mr. P. Why keep proving yourself? Stop please.

    Why repeat this silly story in such a shallow way with so many REAL issues to face now? Obama spoke to Winston’s bust location long ago.

    You are treating Obama like a nigga. He is not Trudeau. Obama is not your boy.

    You are not a leader of men Brian, or, a useful Canadian blogger. We need champions, not embarrassments. Stop Embarrassing your generation and produce something useful.

    Your lack of work ethics and inability to deal with detail left us worse off for your ungrounded ambition. Paperbag Princeling.


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