One Reason Trump( America?) Is Angry?

‘You ask Me Why

Thou Ill At Ease

Within This region I Subsist—-‘ Alfred Lord Tennyson

Many like to downplay as hyperbole or downright wrong Trump’s statements. One in particular which is blatantly true is that many  memebers of The North Atlantic Treaty  Organization do not pay their way. And yes, America has been carrying them.

It may surprise a lot of people that out of the 28 members of NATO only five ( for the year 2015) are meeting the funding commitments of being a member. All members are suppose to contribute 2% of their GDP .

The US actually pays over 3% of GDP. Yes. That’s right over and above its commitments.

Who else pays over 2% ? No one! Only the bad, bad Americans.

And then can you believe who the other four countries are?

Well, the UK. Some might be surprised at that . But its paying its way. Nice to see, therefore,  that Trump has invited first to the White House the PM of the UK.

Would you believe Greece ? No you would’t. Well it is one.

Then there is Estonia. Who would have believed?

And then Poland!

Where is Canada ? In the bottom ten! So let’s not get on our high horse about being good world partners.

Where is Germany? Oh, 18th!

So yes, Trump has a point. And I hope he sticks to it.

Source : Wall Street Journal quoting the NATO budget.



4 thoughts on “One Reason Trump( America?) Is Angry?

  1. It helps the US and other countries that Canada is honest about accounting for its defence budget, whereas the rest of NATO pads the figure with non-defence spending dolled up with lies.


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