The Individual in America

America , The Individual

American was born through resistance ; against the state , charting its own way , making way for the outsider. Forging new frontiers across the plains , the Oregon trail , California.

It’s is a place of heroes , fictional and real , from Huck Finn to Lincoln. Where failure and success mingle together in people like Twain and Edison. Ford was a name before it was a car. The civil war bred carnage but heroes . Take a look at

Francis Barlow – Union General, unique “boy general” of the Union Army.
Robert Smalls – Slave who stole a Confederate gunboat and sailed to freedom.
John Brown Gordon – Confederate General, shot many times but didn’t die untill 1904

The first newcomers resisting the mother country, the blacks and south resisting the north , the aboriginals versus the newcomers.

So through resistance and individualism it built a unique country; nervously forging a new place, but with Individual States , a Federation, not a state like the mother country.

The dynamic tension of together and apart.

Although it was a new nation in 1776 it was Jefferson, Maddison, Washington , Jay, Hamilton, Franklyn and Adams. Yes, it was the founders as as much as it was a new state. It was Custer and Sitting Bull as much or more than it was Little Big Horn. It was Sherman and Washington as much as a north victory.

The Civil Rights Movement was a Rosa Parks, a Martin Luther King, and a Thurgood Marshall and hundreds more individuals .

The American Industrial Machine was full of individuals like Ford , Rockefeller and Getty –to our day of Gates, Jobs, Page and Bezos.

America’s own musical mode , Jazz, is individualistic, creative , and innovative giving rise to individuals like Ellington, Armstrong, Rollins, Gillespie Parker, Davis and Holiday .

In addition to the massive infringement of the state into the lives of Americans , something that only appeared first in the 1930′ s, the corrupting atmosphere of Washington, manifested by the Clintons, Hollywood and a celebrity culture , the exponential rise of spending and debt, the overseas mistakes , the Political  Correctness leading to the absence of any objective reality and the rise of an entitlement culture,  there is one other factor —–that has angered Americans —that is that their individualism and hence liberty has been diminished .

Enter Donald Trump.


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