Globe and Mail Spins

It’s hard to keep up with the mis steps of the media. They continually side with ambiguity and exaggeration. Today in the Globe and Mail two headlines caught my eye.

One : The Pros and Cons of Leaving NAFTA behind.

I do not think it is all that clear whether NAFTA will be left behind as much  as there is likely to be a renegotiated NAFTA. Oh, the ink used to get into the nuts and bolts of an cancelled NAFTA is I guess an attempt to fill the space to show you have a full paper or some such. I even talked to folks today , bright folks, who had the steel provision of the XL Pipeline ‘approval ‘ by Trump somehow applying to Canada. Hello! Please back off your prejudice and look at the facts. Canada is a sovereign nation and what happens on its land will be decided by Canadians. More to the point , the steel provision in the new American President s ‘order ‘ applies to , of all things , American land .

Two: Trump’s embassy move a serious misstep 


The President has not yet decided on that promise. At least that what I read from the President’s Press secretary today.  And the author acknowledges this in the body of the article quoting the Press Secretary as saying that they are only at the ‘beginning of the discussion. ‘ So even ‘ proposed embassy move ——–,’ would have been acceptable. But the headline makes it a done deal . I guess the idea is to suck one in and then back track in the body of the article. And those people who only read the headline . Oh, that’s their problem , I guess.

This author , a former ambassador no less , allows his anti Trump skirt to show and proceed to characterize the ignorance etc of the incoming administration. And , of course, Canada has this vast  experience vis a vis Joe Clark and his promise of a few decades ago. I am sure the Americans  of whatever stripe have access to experts in this field . And whatever happens I would rather side with a democracy and ally than with those who seek the destruction of that ally .

Perhaps a little wait and see , rather than a lecture. Especially when we are counting on the Americans vs a vis our oil and other exports, like lumber . And while we are at it how about our security? Or , how about keeping our promise with NATO like the Americans are doing.

Now,  Mr. Ambassador that would be good diplomacy.




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