Obama ‘s Lack of Class

If ever there was doubt about the crass nature of former President Obama , all doubt is removed when one considers his last two acts. Which one is worse it is hard to say.

The decision to allow the UN Resolution against Israel to go ahead is nothing short of scandalous. Here is a President on his way out the door putting it to one of America’s allies and siding with Palestinian groups whose commitment is the elimination of Israel;  whose instigation of violence against Israel is well documented. What a classless act. There is no way available  for the US to have this resolution reversed.

As if that wasn’t enough the former president saw to it that,  one  of the great traitors of our time as Charles Krauthammer describes her , Chelsea Manning , has 28 years removed from her prison term. Manning stole and then released to Wikileaks almost half a million military reports plus a quarter of million State Department documents. Obama is the guy who was criticizing Wikileaks just days before. Some of the secrets in those stolen documents are believed to endanger the lives of Americans and of people , locals for example in Afghanistan , who were secretly spying for the US. It has been reported that after the release of this information the Taliban went on a bit of a shooting spree targeting people who fit the description  of people described in the leaked documents.


There is now word that over $200 million of American funds were released to the Palestinians on Obama’s last day. The funds had been held up by a number of Congressman. Obama went ahead and authorized the release. Although legal when congressmen object this usually holds the funds until some agreement can be reached between Congress and the White House.

The raw pettiness was on display when Obama saw fit to hold a press conference on Innaugration Day at the Airport Hanger after having partipated in the Inauguration Festivities downtown —and obviously trying to compete with those ongoing festivities for the New President.

Sure , a Chicago Community  Organizer wouldn’t do that.


4 thoughts on “Obama ‘s Lack of Class

  1. Kev! Shhhhsh. He is just a concerned conservative working on his e-masta thesis. You are bullying the man who bullies The Sultan of Class, Mr. Obama (but Barry doesn’t even know) and Our Trudeau, Prince of TCH PR Frogger (Justin hardy cares – I’m sure) and I understand Kev. I do.

    It is like watching shit burn to see these blogs catch on. Fun to look at. oh. I just heard my cat throw up. I need to douse this blog shit fire on you A. Brian, Buddy. In a conservative fashion. Let’s get back to economy.

    Obama is a grand-master high-chief strategist in the alienation and bullying of Israel? I dunno how he feels about that though do I? Kev is too intelligent to fathom a guess about how Obama’s mind works. I dare say.

    Ascribing drives behind his decision-making is projection…you, you….never mind. i get it. Kev and i will help you understand your audience. Who is not paying attention. Any questions? Kev has all the facts on your admin. I dare say.


    If I knock those swell guys – Justin&Barry – i seem like a piece of shit-on-fire. I’m only tormenting you Brian, you earned it. Say what you feel. We know how you mean by’, tis ‘ard…..banished to BC. Kev is funny. He is a rouge I dare say.
    Nameste. Peace.


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